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know if God is calling you? Know the Signs.

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How to know if Good is Calling you

If you want to know if God is calling you, you are at the right place. Has God called you to ministry? Though all Christians are called to serve the cause of Christ, God calls certain persons to serve the church as pastors and other ministers. Writing to young Timothy, the Apostle Paul confirmed that if a man aspires to be a pastor, “it is a fine work he aspires to do” (1 Timothy 1:1, NASB) when you are called by God you understand the scriptures so great when you read or study it. you are always inspired to read the scriptures every day. you do all these not because you just came to love but because you are the righteousness of God.

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Likewise, it is a high honor to be called of God into the ministry of the church. How do you know if God is calling you?

First Sign is Inward call

Through His Spirit, God speaks to those persons He has called to serve as pastors and ministers of His church. The great Reformer Martin Luther described this inward call as “God’s voice heard by faith.” Those whom God has called know this call by a sense of leading, purpose, and growing commitment. The bible says the spirit of God in a man bears witness to him that he is a child of God. in like manner the spirit of God will make you become certain God has called you.

Charles Spurgeon identified the first sign of God’s call to the ministry as “an intense, all-absorbing desire for the work.” Those called by God sense a growing compulsion to preach and teach the Word, and to minister to the people of God.

This sense of compulsion should prompt the believer to consider whether God may be calling to the ministry. Has God gifted you with the fervent desire to preach? Has He equipped you with the gifts necessary for ministry? Do you love God’s Word and feel called to teach? As Spurgeon warned those who sought his counsel not to preach if they could help it. “But,” Spurgeon continued, “if he cannot help it, and he must preach or die, then he is the man.” That sense of urgent commission is one of the central marks of an authentic call.

second sign is Confirmation through gifts

Baptists believe that God uses the congregation to “call out the called” to ministry. The congregation must evaluate and affirm the calling and gifts of the believer who feels called to the ministry. As a family of faith, the congregation should recognize and celebrate the gifts of ministry given to its members, and take responsibility to encourage those whom God has called to respond to that call with joy and submission.

Third sign is Revelations

If God is calling you, he gives you revelation of your true self by giving a revelation where you are preaching the Gospel in the presence of the congregation or creations as the case may be. also the dream give you power and encouragement. you may see Gods angels talk with you and encourage you. You will always hear God speak to you through faith.

People Call you Pastor

when people see you and are happy to call you pastor, though you are not a pastor, its a sign,and they are happy to hear you preach to them weather you really make sense or not, its a sign. if you are a called minister you become a role model and people needs direction from you and receives assurance in their heart that God is talking to them through you. and you will never struggle to get members in the church of Jesus Christ.

These days, many persons think of careers rather than callings. The biblical challenge to “consider your call” should be extended from the call to salvation to the call to the ministry.

John Newton, famous for writing “Amazing Grace,” once remarked that “None but He who made the world can make a Minister of the Gospel.” Only God can call a true minister, and only He can grant the minister the gifts necessary for service. But the great promise of Scripture is that God does call ministers, and presents these servants as gifts to the church.

Consider your calling. Do you sense that God is calling you to ministry, whether as pastor or another servant of the church? Do you burn with a compulsion to proclaim the Word, share the Gospel, and care for God’s flock? Has this call been confirmed and encouraged by those Christians who know you best?

God still calls … has He called you?

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