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Is There Any Need for Breaking of Curses in your Life and Family?

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Is There Any Need for Breaking of Curses in your Life and Family?

Breaking of curses and covenants has been a message or preaching emphasized in the every day Life of the 21st century Church and even now. Many have been deceived by this popular topic.
A preacher will tell a believer that there is a curse working against his life, and there is a curse(s) and covenant made by his fore fathers (who have lived their Life dead and buried and are no more.) and that He will come to your family house to break curses and break covenant made that are working in your family. and that you will pay a certain amount of money for prayer to be made. I want to say that the above statement is a typical example of what Jesus meant when he said that “my people perish for lack of Knowledge.” one may ask which knowledge? “it is the knowledge of the word of God.”
As a believer, the day you accepted Jesus Christ in to your Life as your personal Lord and Savior, was the day you became free from darkness and sin, that day you became free from curses, Generational curses, ancestral courses and any kind of covenant made by any animal or human being. I will tell you how.

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What is a Curse?

A curse is a Spiritual and physical decree made by God or his Sons (Believer) in authority or justified, to punish, or persecute, and to the put death another person who is usually the Sinner, offender, disobedient or guilty. therefore a curse is a decision proclaimed on a being which h courses problem or disobey authority in any relationship equal or unequal individuals.

What is sin?

Sin or disobedience is doing any thing contrary to a stipulated principle of doing a thing, law, or instructions made by superior authority or being (God). When our first parents (Adam and Eve) sinned, they did not sin against Satan but against God. As a result God placed a curse on them, Including Satan (the serpent), and chased them out of Eden.

How The Courses Were Abolished

God remitted the course in Adam, Eve, and their children, and the general human race through the death and the resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did not die to pay the devil to free us from curse. It can only take a God to appease a God. He (God) became flesh (Jesus Christ born by a virgin), he tested how it feels to be like a man, and laid a lifestyle for us to take to achieve salvation. “He said i am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can com e to the father except by me. So he came and shew us our inheritance in him, and laid down principles to take here on earth. “Any thing born of God over cometh the world” If you are born of God you will posses his DNA therefore we our lifestyle aligns with the principles of righteousness he has laid down for world.
Even if your ancestors entered in to a covenant or were coursed, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, No curse in the whole Universe have power over you. Simple!!!
Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. the Old things (curses, covenant, mistakes, disadvantage, disobedience or sins) are no more counted for him. meaning they have passed away. this means there in nothing like future sin or Evil, for it is not the DNA of Jesus Christ, laid down his life and the principles we posses. News has come now which is righteousness of God. We are dead to Sin and alive to righteousness, our body respond to stimulus of righteousness, that is our blood group and any one with this blood group posses no course in him.(1 Corinthians 5:17).
The devil(dead gods or evil forces) wants you to come in to the-same bondage or traps of your ancestors, and worship them, the adversary(Satan and its agents) brings ups and downs to throw you off balance. “But to them that believe to them gave he the power to become the Sons of God, Even to them that believe in his name.
Submit your self to Jesus, Rebuke the devil and he will flee from you immediately. Remember what ever you bound on earth is bound in heaven and what ever you loose on earth is loose in heaven. It is your right. it is a heavenly constitution concerning you.

Are you a Sinner?

If yes or No, Know that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God; but God; bot God in his mercies which endureth forever has forgiven your sins, God is not angry with you any more. You are free and who ever God sets free is free forever.

There is No Curse on you

Gods glory

The bibles says there is no condemnation to them, who are in Christ Jesus. It means there is no course(s), reproach, punishment, and pain or sorrow etc. to those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.
Now look at your self in the morrow, Tell your self “I am free from Darkness, course(s), and sin. I have God’s righteousness in me. Sin will make you fall short of the glory of God. but there is a mystery here, Note that you fall short of Gods glory, but not the glory of God fall short of you. The Glory of God is always there for those who believe Jesus Christ died for their sins for Jesus Christ mercies endureth forever. This is a truth and worthy of acceptance for i am a cloud of witnesses. (i can testify of It).
Therefore put your trust in God. No enchantment against Jacob, and No divination against Israel (your Nation) Hallelujah.

Is There Any Need for Breaking of Curses in your Life and Family?

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