The Origin Of Satan(Lucifer)

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The Origin Of Satan(Lucifer)

Satan (Lucifer) How art thou fallen from heaven. O Lucifer son of the morning, how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the Nations. Isaia14:12 (kjv).

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Satan is fallen

Who is Satan(Lucifer)?
The Bible described Satan as a created being, perfect and full of wisdom. The most beautiful of all other beings. God Loved him that he placed him as a leader in his Kingdom.(Heaven).
He had an Original Name Lucifer (which means the Light bearer), by then he had no such name as devil(adversary) or Satan. From the above short description you will see that Satan was created perfect, He could influence the heavenly angels. His whole body was orchestrated to worship God. Every moves he makes, how he talks, how he walks or sing moves God in to action.
He traded where Angels could not attain easily in the presence of God. He was dwelling right in the presence of God so closely that he was covered with the Glory of God to the extent that he comes out shining like the morning Star adorned in Glory and Beauty. He held the privileged until iniquity was found in him.(Ezekiel 28:12-19)

The Iniquity Found in Satan (Lucifer)

The iniquity found in Satan was sin of pride, because all the host of heaven cherished him as the commander of Gods kingdom, the then Leader of the host of heaven in worshiping God. i.r the choristers in heaven and Angels.
But in all these things was no longer satisfied with these positions, privileges and exaltation God has given him . As the commander, Manager of the kingdom of God.
Satan wanted to dethrone his God his maker and enthrone himself as the ruler of heavens to receive worship like these ambitions the bible made clear.( Isaiah 14:13-15).

“you said in your heart i will ascend to heaven.
i will raise my throne above the stars of God.
i will sit enthroned on the mount of the assembly ,
On the Utmost height of the sacred mountains.
i will ascend above the tops of the cloud and will make my self like the most high.

from the above statement , the dream or ambition is a selfish one full of pride and boastful. Lucifer thought he has the same Glory as Gods has. But God who could not shear his Glory with any being casted him out of heaven to the earth where we Live now, and that brought about Satan seizing the opportunity bring to accomplishment the fall of Adam and Eve ( the first human being God created). (Genesis 1:12).

What Satan did to this Earth

Satan (Lucifer) having dethroned from his position in heaven for his rebellious act and betrayal that led to the converting or corrupting of 2/3 of the host of Angels in heaven to his self Ambition as the bible recorded, he was casted down to earth with the corrupt angels.

Gods Intention For Man on Earth

Gods intention for man on Earth was that man take over the running of the affairs of the Earth. have dominion over every thing in it. Man was to be in charge of the present Earth.(Genesis 1:28-30).
Secondly Man was to enjoy the of the position and privileges Satan lost. Not that man wanted it for himself or for any selfish ambition, but by Gods desire for Man to worship him.
This is why Satan made God and Man (YOU) his arc enemies. He vowed that Human-being(Man) will never be in his position comfortable and in peace with God. He succeeded in making Man disobey and rebel against God by embracing or taking in evil and not contended with the Good in him already. So God who hates Evil and disobedience (i.e seed of Evil) departed from Man, and he lost the presence of God.
In all these things Satan still wants Man to go to hell because he is judged already. So man is Satan number one target to make sure he is not throne in to the pit of hell or loose his selfish ambition.

the expected end of Evil
End of all Evil

Satan(Lucifer) is Judged and You can overcome him

But thank God for his Love us the he gave his only begotten Son Jesus Christ who died to our Sanctification, Resurrected to our Justification, and Exalted to my Glorification. As many as believe this truth that Jesus is the Son of God and accept him as their personal Lord and Savior shall not perish but have everlasting Life . So we are not separated from God any more, he now lives in us and within us whenever we are gadder in his name . Glory!!!
Now it is important for you reading this post not to be ignorant of the devices of the Satan (the devil). He is still a master of strategies, Craftiness, Cunning, Evil and setting of traps and snares. He is the Old serpent, the tempter, the Old dragon, the prince and God of this world that perish. He want to make sure you do not have eternal life. He is still after your soul to Steal, kill and to destroy. Not just you but your neighbor right beside you. why not love your neighbor by shearing this opportunity of salvation to you social media and save a soul.
Know whom you are in Christ Jesus, Stand your ground as a believer, resist the devil and he will flee from you, and you possess your possession in Jesus name. For anything born of God overcome the world.(john 3:1-20).

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