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Love in the Eyes-Gods type of Love

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Love in the Eyes

Love is a deep affection or feeling one can have for something. It is also important to note that true love cannot be hidden no matter how one pretends not to Love, because Love is so capable palpable that is Literally and reflexively radiate through the Eyes. A psychologist can testify of this.

Love in the Eyes of Jesus

Jesus Christ shew his Love for us in that while we were still sinners, he died for us. Knowing fully well he is God himself./(?) yet he died.
The manifestation of the Holy spirit of God in divers ways in ones life comes through his Love for Gods service. Also Jesus knowing the importance of this love instructed the disciples (Christians)to Love one another when he was about to be transfigured.(john 13:33-35).

Holy Spirit Strengthens Love in you

Peter in the bible was a man who love God so much that he was ready to fight to make sure the Jews did not lay their hands on Jesus. When he said he said to Jesus i will lay down my life for you, Jesus said to him “you will deny me three times before the cock crow, which came to pass. Peter denied Jesus not because his Love was not Genuine but because the love has not received empowerment of the spirit. No wonder the bible says that God has not given to us the spirit of fear, but of Love and of a sound mind.(john 13:38).
Therefore the love from God in the eyes of a believer is not the Love of Beauty, Money, Connection, Inheritance or any material thing, but a Love for the kingdom of God. Jesus teaching on prayer said, Father thy kingdom come, so that your will be done on Earth; Therefore the holy spirit which is Gods Kingdom in you is what makes you to Love right like God loves us(john 3:16), for Love does no wrong.(Romans 13:10).


Fruit of Love of the spirit

The disciples despite their Love for Gods kingdom waited for the holy-spirit to come on them before they received Empowerment and Boldness carry Gods word to the people.

    • Only Love can make you remain in that marriage not minding you’re suffering.
    • love makes One receive insult, humiliations, backbiting, he-tread, etc. and still forgives.
    • Love makes One as a preacher to starve of hunger though not fasting, pray for the Church, Members without support of any one and still remain in the lords service.
    • Only Love can make you truly Love your neighbor as your self.

Love makes a preacher perform great miracles, without praising himself but God who made all things possible. When Jesus saw the people he had compassion on them.

You have Gods Love in you

God’s Love has been poured in to our heart through the holy spirit who has been given to us. therefore you have God kind of Love in you. Congratulations!!! If you dont have Gods Love, ask him now, he will freely give now!!!(Romans 5:3-5).

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