Jesus Christ is God

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Is Jesus Christ God?

we have studied the birth, background, family genealogy and early life of Christ as a human. But now i will through the understanding giving to me by God through the spirit of truth, explain more about Jesus Christ and the glory behind the man Jesus Christ.

I will make use of the following Variables: WORD, HEART, THOUGHT, because man was created in Gods Image. we will make use of the text John 3:1.


word is a mode of communication and without it human being can not talk to each other effectively.


this is were thought, ideas, are wrought in, or conceived, that is why the bible says guide your heart with all diligent for out of it comes out issues of life.


this is the idea or vision conceived by man.
Now all the characteristics mentioned above are in man. This shows God made us in his own image(Genesis 1:26) “Note that only man was made in the image and likeness of God among other things made.”

Is Jesus Christ God?

Yes (john 1) in the beginning was the word;”Here the Word means Jesus Christ,” and the word was with God; and the word was God.


this means the Word is a characteristic of God. it is part of his being.”(Genesis 1:1) Gad said let there be light;means God says a word.
You will agree with me that whatsoever a man says comes from his heart, thought, idea,Instincts, and capacity, or experience; that is why the bible says as a man speaks so is he. so what so ever a man do is a product of himself. therefore Jesus-Christ was a part of God he cannot do without.(john 3:16). the-same Word (Jesus Christ) was in the beginning with God,all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made.
In this Word was life, and the life was the light of Men (this means in God or the word, was Life was not without light.)Meaning in darkness nothing exists except int he light. In (john 1:9)if you have life you have the light in you, which is God your maker.

Where Man Got It Wrong

this light,life, which is God and also the Word came in the word he made by himself and the word knew him not, he came to his own received him not.


Receive God (Jesus Christ) today for here you are made complete, But as many as receive him, to them he gave to become the son of God even to them that believe in his name.

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